2021 Canowindra Challenge

Belubula Endurance Riders Association Inc


Sat 10 Jul - 09:00 AM


Sun 11 Jul - 05:30 PM

Saturday - 10km, 20km
Sunday - 40km, 80km

RIDE SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Ride Base opens at NOON - Please do not arrive before NOON.

9.00am - Office opens for Saturday riders ONLY
10.00am - Vetting opens for Saturday riders ONLY
12.30pm - 20km ride start.  1.5hrs min riding time and 4hrs max riding time. Pre Ride talk will be under saddle 10 minutes prior to ride start.
1.00pm - 10km ride start.  1hr min ride time, 2hrs max riding time.  Pre Ride talk will be under saddle 10 minutes prior to ride start.
1.30pm - Office opens for Sunday riders
1.45pm - Vetting opens for Sunday riders
5.45pm - Vetting closes
6.00pm - Pre-ride talks for Sunday rides

5.00am - 80km ride start.  6hrs minimum ride time and 9hrs max riding time.
7.00am - 40km ride start.  3hrs min riding time and 5hrs max riding time.

Head Vet - Chris Dowey
Treatment Vet - Georgia Ladmore
Line Vets - Rhys Powell
Chief Steward - Tom McCormack

We will be using standard AERA vetting with heart rates 55 BPM after the first leg and 60 BPM for the second leg in the 80km ride.
All other rides will be 55 BPM.
Early vetting will be allowed but be aware you only have one chance at vetting so if your horses heart rate is over it will be a vet out.
Priority will be given to horses that are on their 30 minutes.

All rides across the weekend will be utilising the ETS.
You will have a lanyard attached to your bib that you are given when you complete your entry. 


Online registration is compulsory (NO entries will be taken on the day)
The Lions Club Canowindra will be on site from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon for BBQ and beverages
The Swift Coffee Van will be on site from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon with coffee/tea and cake
The GG Mobile Spot will be on site both days with their mobile saddlery shop
There are showers on site but they will be necessity only due to water restrictions. Please respect this.
There are toilets at the hall and there will be portaloos around the ride base.
Dogs are very welcome but they MUST be kept on leads AT ALL TIMES 
Please bring your own firewood. There will be some available on site for those who need it.
Fires will be allowed (pending restrictions). Drums are preferred.
Horse water will be provided via water pods on site. 
Please bring your own human water.
Mobile phone coverage is good.
Rubbish bins will not be provided. ALL rubbish is to go home with you.
Horse manure is to be spread when you leave.


The 10km course will follow a loop around the church on well maintained quiet dirt roads with good verges either side.
The 20km course  will leave the ride base heading down Cranbury Lane and towards Canowindra Rd. Riders will cross Canowindra Rd (safety officers will be at the crossing but there is plenty of visual both sides). It will then turn left into private property and onto a quiet country lane which winds up and around offering views all the way to Mt Canobolas. You will then loop back around to Canowindra Rd, cross again and head back to the ride base.
The 40km course will follow leg 2 BLACK ARROWS.
Leg 1 of the 80km course will follow RED ARROWS leaving the ride base to the right down Toogoong Road. You will follow a dirt road for 10km before cross a quiet tar road. You will then go down through a floodway and then head off to the left following quiet well maintained dirt roads with good verges winding through the open landscapes of the Canowindra farmland. There is another small area of tar about 6km along before you turn off to the right. You will then join onto part of the 2003 Tom Quilty track where will enter private property and follow a bush track for around 3km before popping back out on Nanami Lane which will take you back across the tar road and back to the ride base. 
Leg 2 of the 80km course will follow BLACK ARROWS leaving the ride base to the left down Cranbury Road and onto Sussex Lane which will take you across Canowindra Road. There will be safety officers to ensure you cross safely as this is a 100km road. You will then head left into private property for which will pop you out onto Frisby’s Lane. This is a nice wind up taking in views right across to Mount Canobolas at the top. You will continue down and around on quiet well maintained dirt roads with good verges for the remainder of the leg and ultimately loop back around to Frisby’s Lane following the same course back to the ride base.  There is some undulation on this leg as well as some long flat stretches.

Both legs offer beautiful views of the Canowindra farming district.

 Jo Arblaster of Animal Focus will be on course to capture your memories.

No late entries will be accepted on the day
298 Cranbury Road
CANOWINDRA, New South Wales


Lou Piddington


20km Introductory RIDE (Saturday)

Sat 10 Jul - 12:30 PM
Sat 10 Jul - 12:30 PM

Member Entry

$ 55.00

Non-Member Entry

$ 70.00

Cowra Vet Centre 40km Intermediate RIDE (Sunday)

Sun 11 Jul - 07:00 AM
Sun 11 Jul - 12:00 PM

Member Entry

$ 75.00

Non-Member Entry

$ 90.00

Canowindra Challenge 80km RIDE (Sunday)

Sun 11 Jul - 05:00 AM
Sun 11 Jul - 02:00 PM

Senior Entry

$ 140.00

Junior Entry

$ 120.00

10km Introductory RIDE (Saturday)

Sat 10 Jul - 01:00 PM
Sat 10 Jul - 03:00 PM

Member Entry

$ 35.00

Non-Member Entry

$ 50.00

Any riders who have entered and are unable to attend due to Covid19 restrictions will be issued with a FULL refund less a $5 administration fee
All other riders needing to withdraw for any reason will be issued a FULL refund up until Thursday, 8 July 10pm less a $5 administration fee
Refunds after the above date will be processed less 25%