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2022 Charity Ride Donation

TO ADD SPONSORSHIP MONEY PLEASE CLICK ON ‘ADD ITEM’. USE THIS BUTTON FOR MULTIPLE DONATIONS IF REQUIRED. Breakaway Horse Riders Club, Mackay together with Dows Creek Hall Committee has been hosting this ride for 20 years, raising much needed funds for heart and cancer research. Three years ago our Club lost a valued member, Mick Essam, to stomach cancer and as such we now donate a percentage of money raised to the Mackay Base Oncology Unit on his behalf. This year we are riding to raise awareness for blood cancers and the importance of donating blood and plasma to save lives. This year money raised will be donated to THE HEART FOUNDATION and LEUKAEMIA FOUNDATION for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY and a small percentage to the Mackay Oncology Unit and This Strong Mum Foundation (supporting families going through cancer or profound illness diagnosis) BLOOD – You have what it takes to give. BLOOD DONOR, Life Saver!

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